Lunar Moths

‘Lunar Moths’ is a collection of verses dedicated to the ephemeral nature of life’s fly by nights. In folklore, little white moths represented the souls of unbaptized children, unable to settle any place for long they flutter haplessly through night’s tributaries. The theme of the Lost Soul, those who drift on the midnight tide, briefly glittering and often seductive is of little real value. Modern life is rather too robust for their slender if memorable gifts, from Jean Seberg to Denny Fouts, to Johnny Thunders, they are ghosts in daylight, rubbing shoulders with Chatterton reborn at sunset in Euston Station. All creative people have refrains they return to, ‘Lunar Moths’ is a collection of mine. Lunar Moths is £6 plus shipping and handling. For availability/purchase, please email Nina through her website  or contact the publisher at

Godfrey Brangham reviews Nina Antonia’s ‘Lunar Moths’ for Wormwoodiana: