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Nina Antonia by Mudkiss Photography

February 2022: Finders/Keepers (Episode 13): Author Nina Antonia on Glam, Punk, and 19th c. Decadence
Finders/Keepers Ep 13. Brian Chidester interviews Nina Antonia

October 2021: Some Candy Talking
Some Candy Talking Podcast. Josef Oscar Weinstein for MoJo Edinburgh interviews Nina Antonia

July 2020:
Johnny Thunders In Cold Blood. Beth Hall for PKM interviews Nina Antonia

April 2020: The Chap
‘The Chap’… Dark Angels Darcy Sullivan interviews Nina Antonia

June 2015: I-94 Bar
In Cold Blood – Johnny Thunders (Easy Action) by The Barman

April 2015: I-94 Bar
The One and Only. Peter Perrett, Homme Fatale by Nina Antonia (Thin Man Press) by Robert Brokenmouth

December 2015: I-94 Bar
The Prettiest Star. Whatever Happened to Brett Smiley? By Nina Antonia (SAF) by Robert Brokenmouth

November 2015: I-94 Bar
Looking out for Johnny: Author Nina Antonia on Thunders, the Dolls and The Only Ones by Robert Brokenmouth

November 2015: I-94 Bar
Too Much Too Soon – Nina Antonia (Omnibus Books) by Robert Brokenmouth

February 2009: Article for Nude magazine
An Antenna for the Lonely Planet Boys: Nina Antonia by Jay Clifton

200l: Interview for Doll Magazine
An Interview with Nina Antonia by Brian Young (RUDI – The Sabrejets. Original Punk from Belfast)