Holly Woodlawn and Caroline Coon


Thank you to editor David Flint for making the legendary Holly Woodlawn the cover-star of  the latest edition of The Reprobate. Aimed at the socially contrary, The Reprobate kindly included a previously unpublished interview that I did with Holly probably about 12 years back and was never able to find an outlet for. Holly was gracious and funny throughout and had the smoky laugh of a celluloid siren. In era when we are patronised by celebrities who think that wearing a tee-shirt  is a revolutionary stance, its vital to pay respect to icons such as Holly who never gave up the fight for freedom of expression and lived beyond the mainstream, a shoe-string stardom when she should have won an Oscar.  From Puerto Rico to Broadway, Holly reminisces about playing alongside fellow luminaries from the Warhol Factory: Jackie Curtis, Candy Darling and Joe Dallesandro as well as the origins of the Stonewall riot not to mention a steamy evening with Jim Morrison……

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I was also fortunate to be able to review Caroline Coon’s gloriously illustrated book, ‘Laid Bare’, an unflinchingly honest autobiographical account of how to survive a year of working as an escort. Bold, witty and brave, Caroline is again a pioneer and the book is a treat!!  Here’s a little snippet : ‘Back in the Sixties, she was ardently pursued by the actor, Terence Stamp. On the night he called up at her window, like a love-sick swain, Caroline finally relented to his advances. Terence was beautiful so bedding him was no hardship. Afterwards, he leaned back on the pillow and jauntily exclaimed, “Wasn’t that a wonderful fuck?” Wanting to be truthful, Caroline responded, “Actually, no.” Disgruntled, Stamp announced “Well Catherine Deneuve and Julie Christie didn’t complain.”

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