Atlantis Bookshop Signing

In lieu of being able to do a book signing at the legendary Atlantis bookshop the equally legendary proprietor & worker of wonders, Geraldine, has sent some bookplates for me to sign. A stone’s throw from the ‘Dilly, a footstep & heartbeat from the British Museum, one feels certain that Wilde & Pals must have sauntered down these streets when the stars were so much brighter, the absinthe was green as carnations and the moon was made for beguiling glances. We may not be able to gather to celebrate the publication of ‘Dancing with Salome – Courting The Uncanny with Oscar Wilde & Friends’ but we can still be beguiled. Copies are available at Atlantis, via Trapart Books or can be purchased at the link below. The link for ordering the book is: