Johnny Thunders…In Cold Blood


“Being devoted to the New York Dolls ruined my education… Johnny’s guitar actually sings.” – Morrissey

“Johnny Thunders is very important. People should respect that.” – Stiv Bators

“Thunders was always one of my heroes – so it was great meeting him and brilliant to actually play with him.” – Tony James

“The point is that Johnny ‘had it’. Like Jack Kerouac or Frank O’Hara as writers, or Jackson Pollock in paint, he was never short of nerve and he was magnificent. He played with a mesmerizing, casual fury, ripping chords from the guitar as if they were love letters he’d stopped himself just in time from sending. He really only spoke with his guitar, so when he played he said a lot and said it directly. He burned.” Richard Hell

Johnny Thunders… In Cold Blood by Nina Antonia is the definitive book of a punk icon. This officially authorized biography was not only Nina’s first published book, but it also started her on her path of documenting the lives of artists she was passionate about. Hailed by many as the ultimate Johnny Thunders’ bible, In Cold Blood shows an unflinching portrait of a groundbreaking guitarist whose legendary influence is still felt today.

July 2020:
Johnny Thunders In Cold Blood. Beth Hall for PKM interviews Nina Antonia

Liner Notes by Nina Antonia for Easy Action


Johnny Thunders: In Cold Blood Remastered Ltd Coloured Vinyl


Johnny Thunders: In Cold Blood Deluxe – 2xCD

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David Tyler interview with Nina Antonia

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