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Ace Billboard review of the New York Dolls biography ‘Too Much Too Soon’ (still available via Music Sales).  The New York Dolls: Too Much Too Soon Billboard Review

Plus an interview I did with Jerry Nolan for ‘Spiral Scratch’ magazine, which includes Jerry’s thoughts on Sid Vicious & Nancy Spungen, both of whom he knew well.  Sticks & Style: The Art of Jerry Nolan

L.A.M.F. 40th Anniversary & In Cold Blood E-Book


Talking of time, it’s been 40 years since ‘L.A.M.F’ first sprung snarling upon a world that seems kinder than now, when Punk was young and Johnny T was but a feisty kid (well, almost before someone reminds me, you clock watchers you). Its not about the catalogue numbers carved in the vinyl but the snaky guitars, courtesy of Thunders and Walter Lure whilst the fusillade of Jerry Nolan’s drumming enshrines his myth forever and ‘wild-eyed’ Billy Rath on bass was as solid as could be. The album stands as testimony even if the decades have flown.

‘Paradise’ Press Bio by Nina Antonia


Had the pleasure of being asked to write a press bio for a fabulously moody new outfit ‘Paradise.’ Rock n’ roll has become something of a time honoured ritual but Paradise open the doors to a new intensity that makes them well-worth your time, which like mine, is precious.


December 5th for The Greenwood Faun

Graphic Design by Beth Hall

Egaeus Press Update:

As a few astute individuals have pointed out, our originally intended September publication date for Nina Antonia’s novel The Greenwood Faun has passed. Alas, it would seem Pan, ever the trickster saw fit to put delays in our way.. We are therfore aiming to have it ready for the 5th of December: Faunalia in the Roman calendar. It is, in the words of David Tibet no less ‘a beautifully written proem: witty, crepuscular, enchanting, surprising.’

Trackless Paths of Boundless Void


Thank you to Simon Wright for giving an even-handed review to Curt Weiss’ tome,  ‘Stranded In The Jungle.’

Stranded In The Jungle – Jerry Nolan’s Wild Ride A Tale of Drugs, Fashion, the New York Dolls and Punk Rock

Here’s a letter of thanks I received from Jerry’s mother, Charlotte, that she wrote me on reading ‘The New York Dolls-Too Much Too Soon’.  ‘I miss him very much, he wasn’t ready to leave us.’  Charlotte is now with Jerry and won’t have to go through any more pain.

Whilst the autumn leaves are falling on memory lane, it also seemed timely to make public Johnny’s family tree, which his sister, Mariann, put together for me……

L.A.M.F x

Full Preview of Letter and Family Tree below:

Charlotte Nolan’s letter to Nina Antonia


Johnny Thunders’ Family Tree

Holly Woodlawn and Caroline Coon


Thank you to editor David Flint for making the legendary Holly Woodlawn the cover-star of  the latest edition of The Reprobate. Aimed at the socially contrary, The Reprobate kindly included a previously unpublished interview that I did with Holly probably about 12 years back and was never able to find an outlet for. Holly was gracious and funny throughout and had the smoky laugh of a celluloid siren. In era when we are patronised by celebrities who think that wearing a tee-shirt  is a revolutionary stance, its vital to pay respect to icons such as Holly who never gave up the fight for freedom of expression and lived beyond the mainstream, a shoe-string stardom when she should have won an Oscar.  From Puerto Rico to Broadway, Holly reminisces about playing alongside fellow luminaries from the Warhol Factory: Jackie Curtis, Candy Darling and Joe Dallesandro as well as the origins of the Stonewall riot not to mention a steamy evening with Jim Morrison……

To read the interview, click the link below:


I was also fortunate to be able to review Caroline Coon’s gloriously illustrated book, ‘Laid Bare’, an unflinchingly honest autobiographical account of how to survive a year of working as an escort. Bold, witty and brave, Caroline is again a pioneer and the book is a treat!!  Here’s a little snippet : ‘Back in the Sixties, she was ardently pursued by the actor, Terence Stamp. On the night he called up at her window, like a love-sick swain, Caroline finally relented to his advances. Terence was beautiful so bedding him was no hardship. Afterwards, he leaned back on the pillow and jauntily exclaimed, “Wasn’t that a wonderful fuck?” Wanting to be truthful, Caroline responded, “Actually, no.” Disgruntled, Stamp announced “Well Catherine Deneuve and Julie Christie didn’t complain.”

To read the review, click the link below:

Johnny Thunders – In Cold Blood : One of the Best Music Books You’ve Never Read


Johnny Thunders – In Cold Blood’ is sited as one of the best music books you’ve never read in an interesting feature on Unknown Pleasures.  Most Thunders aficionado’s have got all the editions: Jungle books and Cherry Red  – as for the ‘real’ world – that can take awhile……….especially if its a music book written by a woman.  Some barriers take longer to break than others……….

Click the link below the check out the article:

The Reprobate: The Second Coming


Featuring Nina Antonia’s interview with the late great Holly Woodlawn as well as an in-depth review of Caroline Coon’s intimate memoir ‘Laid Bare.’

The issue will be released on August 14, 2017.

It can be purchased HERE or HERE.


Delighted to see on a Thomas Ligotti forum (Ligotti is an American horror writer and reclusive literary cult figure) that one of the users said that The Greenwood Faun was the first book they were were most looking forward to:


The Greenwood Faun will be available September 2017 by Egaeus Press who have described it as “A beautiful, otherworldy novel which draws on the lost writings of Lucian Taylor and Lionel Johnson, the natural world and the preternatural; blurring facts and fictions.”  

Stay tuned here to order The Greenwood Faun online.


What can you do with a Blog?

It seemed timely to double check Katherine Briggs ‘The Fairies in English Tradition & Literature’ just in case a Blog was a type of nature spirit or a long-forgotten sprite or elemental. Of mischievous Boggarts, the shapeless Brollachan and North Country Bogles there were plenty, frolicking, hiding and haunting the highways and low-lands. Some are best glimpsed by moon light, others steal elf horses and set up home in barns, but not a single Blog was to be found on the pages of Brigg’s marvellous tome. Sadly, blogs are a purely human-made construct. I tried not to be disappointed. The otherworldly is all around. Music and poetry have long been considered fairy gifts and the piper plays on, if you choose to listen.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by ‘Louder Than War’s’ Gus Ironside. A long time Peter Perrett aficionado, Gus and I talked about books old and new, including the forthcoming ‘Greenwood Faun’ which is due for publication via Egaeus Press, this September and how I’d ventured from rock n’ roll into a more otherworldly realms. I never thought I’d write a protest poem either – but – one doesn’t expect a council to start felling thousands of healthy, mature trees because they are an impediment to tidy streets. But that is precisely what has happened in Sheffield and why I wrote ‘Sheff’. Tree activist ‘The Sad Squirrel’ very kindly provided illustrations to go with the lyrics. As well as being mystical, living entities, trees filter pollution and provide leafy bowers for urban wildlife. Gus and I had plenty to talk about and I look forward to posting the interview.

I was very sorry to hear that Paul Clements, bass player with Manchester’s E.P.I had passed away. Paul was a lovely chap, steeped in rock n’ roll and a huge Thunders fan. Paul leaves behind a young family and will be missed by many. L.A.M.F always, Paul.

That’s all for now, this Blog is best glimpsed by moon-light and I need to get back to working on my current project, an anthology of moody Victorian poetry by a cruelly neglected but awesomely melancholy author who it is said still haunts the star-washed streets of London. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder…….