L.A.M.F. 40th Anniversary & In Cold Blood E-Book


Talking of time, it’s been 40 years since ‘L.A.M.F’ first sprung snarling upon a world that seems kinder than now, when Punk was young and Johnny T was but a feisty kid (well, almost before someone reminds me, you clock watchers you). Its not about the catalogue numbers carved in the vinyl but the snaky guitars, courtesy of Thunders and Walter Lure whilst the fusillade of Jerry Nolan’s drumming enshrines his myth forever and ‘wild-eyed’ Billy Rath on bass was as solid as could be. The album stands as testimony even if the decades have flown.

2 thoughts on “L.A.M.F. 40th Anniversary & In Cold Blood E-Book”

    1. Thank you, Terry. The best part of it was having Johnny’s input back in the day. Seems so long ago now but the book stands as testimony to Johnny’s story. Watch this space for updates on a Kindle edition with new photographs and extra material. x


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