Further adventures from The Greenwood: Including an interview and guest appearances from Johnny Thunders, Marc Bolan and Prince !!!

Thank you to Mark Andresen from ‘The Pan Review’, which is a treasure trove of supernatural & esoteric subjects that covers both literature and music. Mark asked some great questions, marrying the past with the present to enquire ‘of all the rock stars you’ve met and written about, who strikes you as the closest to the Victorian decadent’ ? It was also interesting to explore how Glastonbury, once a humble free-festival in one of the most mystical locations in the UK is now a corporate juggernaut.


I’d also like to thank my friend, Caroline Coon for her appraisal of ‘The Greenwood Faun’ which is now up on her website: The Greenwood Faun by Nina Antonia at http://www.carolinecoon.com/news.htm. Caroline looks at the book from both a creative and academic standpoint to deliver an incredibly perceptive overview. It’s the first time I’ve been mentioned in the same breath as Joe Orton, whose work I’ve always revered since seeing ‘Entertaining Mr Sloane’ in the playwright’s home town of Leicester as a teenager. Like Pan, Mr Sloane cannot help but create chaos and on that note…………