‘The Greenwood Faun’ Goes to Washington…..


In his splendid round-up of otherworldly books, Michael Dirda of the Washington Post, heralds the spirit of the season. In Medieval times, maidens and young men would venture into forests and groves to gather flowers for their May day garlands, a tradition alluded to by Shakespeare in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Similarly, Michael has plucked a glorious garland of titles once again supporting the independent crop of small yet beautiful independent publishers of fantasy, including Swan River, Tartarus, Sundial, Zagava, and Egaeus, who last but not least gave ‘The Greenwood Faun’ a home earlier this year. There’s a splendid array of authors too, from Arthur Machen, Avalon Brantley, Mark Valentine & R.B Russell, Richmal Crompton and Robert Aickman. It’s wonderful to be included in such a gathering.

Bedeck those May Poles as ‘The Greenwood Faun’ returns for the merriest, maddest month……….

Read Michael Dirda’s article.

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