December 5th for The Greenwood Faun

Graphic Design by Beth Hall

Egaeus Press Update:

As a few astute individuals have pointed out, our originally intended September publication date for Nina Antonia’s novel The Greenwood Faun has passed. Alas, it would seem Pan, ever the trickster saw fit to put delays in our way.. We are therfore aiming to have it ready for the 5th of December: Faunalia in the Roman calendar. It is, in the words of David Tibet no less ‘a beautifully written proem: witty, crepuscular, enchanting, surprising.’

The Reprobate: The Second Coming


Featuring Nina Antonia’s interview with the late great Holly Woodlawn as well as an in-depth review of Caroline Coon’s intimate memoir ‘Laid Bare.’

The issue will be released on August 14, 2017.

It can be purchased HERE or HERE.